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About Me

Hi, I'm Christine, a self-taught baker, obsessed with enjoying the best sweets and treats out there. Yet, I’ve always had a tough time finding those fantabulous spots that I think back to time and time again. The ones I can’t resist telling others they must try. So, I decided to make them myself!

Grown from disaster first attempts to desserts for family and friends to a bustling side hustle, this passion of mine occupies most of my free time and a lot of my sleep.

I love to tap into my creativity to craft a dessert just as amazing as the person or event you’re celebrating. When you have such a delicious dessert perfectly suited for an occasion, it becomes a focal point of the celebration, and I am so honored you allow me to be a part of your celebrations.

Let's make you something worthy of celebration!

Oh and you may be wondering who gets to taste test all my new creations? My best friend and husband, Joe! And our pup, Izzy, cleans up the crumbs.


Quick Facts

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